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About Tychy and the Tychy treasury of architecture

Enjoy a tour of Tychy. We will show you an unusual and unique city. 

For a few decades everything said and written about Tychy was almost exclusively through the prism of stereotypes and casual slogans. A socialist city, a commuter town, a city without history and without any monuments, a city of children. Such slogans - created by propaganda - were years ago borrowed from newspaper headlines. But half a century ago it was also said (in an interview with Hanna and Kazimierz Wejchert, the general designers of the city) that New Tychy is the eighth wonder of the world.
 What kind of place is Tychy?
Interesting! Unique! It is attractive for lovers of contemporary history, especially the history of the last sixty years, and also for all interested in the history of architecture and urbanism.
Tychy is not Krakow - it does not have any monuments of Gothic or Renaissance architecture (but... there is an old Baroque church and a Baroque palace). But the city has an important advantage: one will find here concepts of urban planning and architectural works of the entire post-war period, from 1950 onwards. As if it was a large open-air exhibition. Housing estates and facilities built in subsequent years are arranged in an attractive sightseeing route - from the monuments of social realism to the works of postmodernism. All this in a relatively small area that can be explored during a several hours’ stroll. This makes Tychy increasingly attractive for experts in architecture and urban planning, researchers of changing trends in the art of design of the post-war period, as well as sociologists of the city. 
Meanwhile, the architecture of Tychy is not much appreciated by the residents, who are often unaware of its value. Therefore it is high time to popularize the knowledge about the most interesting architectural works in the city, to share them with residents, but also with all those who come to Tychy for tourist and cognitive purposes. It is always good to know more, it is worth understanding the shape of the surrounding space.