Spis punktów szlaku

Tour options


The described tour suggests taking the trip around the city according to the order of building listed in the guide and marked on the map. The applied numbering results from spatial location of the facilities suggested for visiting. The route starts at the railway station in Tychy, first runs through the oldest northern districts, then runs through the southern districts, and, after passing a loop, returns to the northern part of the city, ending in Park Miejski (the City Park) at the Municipal Office. In the park one can relax after the long journey. The beginning of the route and its end point also has an important advantage - good transport links. There are numerous bus stops and railway stops. The latter provide convenient connection with Katowice.
The first half of the route is consistent with the chronology of construction of the city (route item from 1 to 12). The second part of the route, planned in accordance with spatial location of buildings, breaks the original chronological order. However, the visitors can choose their own option of the tour. 


Suggested options:
  1. Chronological. From item No. 12 at Dębowa Street one can first go in the direction of the Municipal Office and Park Miejski (the City Park - item No. 23), and then to the Winter Stadium (item No. 21). Visiting of the southern districts1  can be started from the St. John the Baptist church (item No. 13), and then travel further south and east (items 14, 15, etc.)
  2. Thematic - for example church architecture. Churches included in the route description form in the space an arrangement corresponding to dates of their formation: starting with the first church built in the new city, i.e. the St. John the Baptist church (1958) and finishing with the Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi parish (the church not yet completed, construction started in 2000). 
Enjoy your tour!
1The city is divided into northern and southern part by a railway line running in the trench. Northern districts were built between 1951 and 1972. Building of the estates south of the railway line began in 1972, when it was decided to establish the Fabryka Samochodów Małolitrażowych automotive factory in Tychy.